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May 13, 2017

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, Vermont made history by becoming the first state to successfully pass a legalization bill via the state legislature (instead of a referendum, as with other states). The bill, S.22, would create a commission to propose a regulation bill for 2018 and by July 1, 2018, eliminate all criminal and civil penalties for possession of up to one ounce of cannabis and home cultivation of up to two immature and four immature plants.

HOWEVER, none of this matters if Governor Phil Scott decides to veto the bill, which he may do. In this episode of the Vermontijuana podcast, host Eli Harrington dissects the Governor’s latest responses to the cannabis question of “will he or won’t he sign or veto the bill?”, his philosophical stance on cannabis, and his priority issues for future cannabis regulation.

Colorado Cannabis Pro Returns to Vermont

April 18, 2017

At the Heady Vermont Cannabis Advocacy Day in Montpelier, host Eli Harrington had the chance to interview Clay, a successful medical marijuana dispensary owner and operator who recently left his established business in Colorado to return to his home state of Vermont to start and raise his family. 
In the interview, Clay shares his personal cannabis experiences, how he took a calculated risk in Colorado to pursue his passion, why he left, and what he hopes to accomplish back in his home state of Vermont.

This episode of the Vermontijuana Podcast is presented by the Vermont Cannabis Week and the Heady Vermont First Anniversary 4/20 Party

WTF is Actually going on with legalization politics in Vermont?

April 5, 2017

Host Eli Harrington takes a look at the last month of legislative maneuvering, where the Vermont legalization bill (170) is at presently, how it might still happen in 2017, and challenges supporters to join Heady Vermont in Montpelier for a lobbying day next week. Includes interviews from Matt Simon of the Marijuana Policy Project and audio testimony from legalization opponent Dr. Jill Rineheart, who told a committee that 'secondhand smoke is definitely a problem' and that 'big marijuana' is somehow behind a bill that would not allow any sales of cannabis.

"TMD2017 Special" - March 12, 2017

On Town Meeting Day 2017, Eli Harrington visited two Mad River Valley towns in Central Vermont, Waterbury Center and Moretown, to ask real Vermonters at polling stations engaging in direct democracy what they thought about the legalization discussion overall and asked if they thought their towns might be receptive to a future legal cannabis business. 


Episode 8 is the kick off party for the 2017 political sesh where medical reforms, legalization (including homegrow), tax/regulate, and drugged driving are all issues that will be passed around the state house as the post-inauguration dust settles and the 2017 session really gets underway.

At 16:00, listen to the full audio from the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana press conference, held at the Vermont State House on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. The press conference included Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman, Representative Sam Young, Representative Barbara Rachelson Staff Attorney Jay Diaz of the ACLU of Vermont, and former Representative Suzi Wizowaty on behalf of Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform, as well as additional members of the Coalition.

At 26:45, hear the introduction to the ACLU interview with Staff Attorney Jay Diaz and their opposition to bills like H.24 that would open the door to saliva testing and in their opinion, infringe upon the rights of Vermonters.

Finally, at 33:40, we speak to Matthew Tolley, Grassroots Coordinator at the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana. We discussed the power of dank memes, the most common cannabis conversations with Vermonters, and how to get involved with the coalition (more at


In Episode 7, host Eli Harrington starts with a brief update on the national and regional cannabis scene, including Montreal dispensary raids, a national CBD scare, Massachusetts post-Prohibition, Maine's election recount and the news in Vermont, including some insight into the new Secretary of Commerce.
Our feature interview with Eli Atticus Jager is one of the best ones yet--so good that we had to split it into two parts to prevent cranial explosion and inspiration overload. 
In part two, Eli talks about the surprising reactions to the presidential election at the trim scene, sketchy stories he heard from fellow trimmers, and his plans for a future in the world of cannabis.


After a brief holiday hiatus, Vermontijuana podcast is back and better than ever. In this episode, host Eli Harrington starts with a brief update on the national and regional cannabis scene post-election and looks ahead to Vermont's upcoming legislative session.
Our feature interview with Eli Atticus Jager is one of the best ones yet--so good that we had to split it into two parts to prevent cranial explosion and inspiration overload. We originally connected with Eli to talk about his experience as a 'Trimmigrant' who recently spent a few weeks at an unlicensed farm somewhere in northern California working long days trimming buds. He'll be sharing more of his experiences as a contributor to Heady Vermont ( in the near future, but in this episode, we start part one of our interview by introducing Eli Atticus Jager and talking about his life as an artisan in Seattle, why Millennials leave (and maybe return) to Vermont, and his initial impressions of the Trimmigrant lifestyle.

Episode 5 Host Eli Harrington speaks with Dr. Joe McSherry Ph.D, MD, a neurologist and associate professor at the University of Vermont Medical Center and UVM College of Medicine. The discussion includes Dr. McSherry's personal and academic background as a physician who openly advocates for legalization and expanded medical research, as well as insight into how the medical community understands--and misunderstands--marijuana. 
Finally, they discuss the existing medical program in Vermont, and some tips and strategies for VT residents who need to speak with a medical professional to have their forms signed in order to join the medical marijuana registry.

Episode 4For nearly 20 years, David Zuckerman has been a champion of cannabis reform efforts in Vermont as a State Rep, Chittenden County Senator and is currently running for the Democratic nomination for the Lieutenant Governor.
He's been endorsed by Bernie Sanders 11 times (he's the ONLY candidate Bernie endorsed in a statewide Vermont race), is an organic farmer and a cornerstone of progressive politics in Vermont. Listen as Host Eli Harrington and David Zuckerman discuss grassroots political movements, supporting Bernie before it was cool, and cannabis conversations he's had during his statewide campaign. ELEVATE THE STATE.


Heady Vermont

Episode 3 - In Episode Three, Host Eli Harrington speaks with two longtime VT medical marijuana patients, one of whom is a trained nurse (and soon to be Ph.D. in Ethno-Botany) and treated her cancer with cannabis concentrates. The other, Fran Janik, is an outspoken member of Vermont Home Grow and a longtime patient and cannabis breeder who has been involved with the Vermont Medical program since the beginning. 
These patients discuss the challenges in supply and demand facing VT medical patients, many of whom are unable to purchase medical-grade cannabis oils at dispensaries due to cost and availability. Join as we discuss the current medical marijuana program, and their suggestions for how some VT patients could benefit from legal reforms in the VT medical program.

Episode 2 - With good reason, the Massachusetts-based startup, CannaKorp, has been gaining a TON of national attention in the press lately (Read: TechInsider "The 'Keurig' for Marijuana is Finally Coming - and It Looks Amazing") for their innovative approach towards vaporization. It's easy to over-simplify the idea of a 'weed in a k-cup', but as you learn, the solution is closer to the plant and was inspired by the personal experience of it's inventor as he became a cannabis convert later in life.

Michael Bourque, a brilliant, self-taught inventor in Massachusetts recounts meeting legendary Harvard Psychiatrist, author, and researcher, Dr. Lester Grinspoon and asks him to be his advisor and supporter.  For Bourque, the philosophy behind CannaKorp is to allow easier and simpler access to vaporization, using only high-quality ground cannabis that's dosed and packaged right at the grow. And yes, Bourque did learn how to grow in his lab from plant to pod through a rigorous testing process...

This episode sponsored by Heady Vermont and Little Bay Cabins

Episode 1 - Two weeks after the end of the legislative session, Host Eli Harrington discusses Vermont's path forward, speaks with Lt. Governor Candidate Kesha Ram about her cannabis position, and features three interviews from NECANN, including founder Marc Shepard, Operation Green Zone, and Tim & Tommy from Open Market Collective.  We also debuted the segment, "ask random people questions about weed" aka man on the street interviews and asked people about if/how cannabis reform would impact their lives and how Vermont should move forward.  Send feedback via email to and follow on twitter @Vermontijuana.

This episode sponsored by Heady Vermont and Little Bay Cabins

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Eli Harrington, Founder

Eli is a Vermonter by heritage and describes himself on his LinkedIn as, "a connector of people and ideas".  He specializes in communication and digital media with experience in international exchanges, nonprofit management, and writing.  He loves to travel and is currently also working with Little Bay Cabins, a 420-friendly property near Negril, Jamaica.

He hopes to help "Elevate the State" by contributing to a new cannabis paradigm in Vermont.  He believes profits should help subsidize patients until insurance does, and believes that open exchanges of information and a level playing field with healthy competition will create the most vibrant and sustainable cannabis culture in Vermont and elsewhere.