(VPR) Burlington's New Police Chief Talks Race Relations, Opiate Addiction, and Marijuana Legalization

Here's the legalization-specific portion, via the VPR interview:

"I don't have a position on that yet, not because I'm afraid to take one, but because I think there's a lot of consequences that we have to work through. One is that Vermont is a day's drive from about 30 million people who would not have legal access to marijuana otherwise, so legalizing it here is a little different than legalizing it in states that are a little more geographically isolated. I just want to figure out how that would work out. The other thing was a very interesting article in the New York Times that I re-Tweeted that I read, that as marijuana gets legalized, it actually drives down the value of cultivating marijuana in places like Mexico and what quickly moves in then is the opiate crop."