VT in Rolling Stone Magazine: The Five Next States to See Legal Marijuana

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Believe it or not, at number four, Vermont isn't the first, or even second New England state on this list, topped by Maine (#2) and Massachusetts (#3).  The last time VT was featured prominently in Rolling Stone (unrelated to Bernie), it was a much bleaker story about the state's heroin addiction epidemic.  

It's only a short listicle piece--they save the real ink for Ohio--it underscores both the immediacy of the regional debate in New England, and acknowledges Vermont lawmakers historic opportunity to end prohibition via state law.  Here's the (very) brief mention of VT from the full article on RollingStone.com

4. Vermont's attorney general is predicting legalization in 2016. If the marijuana-friendly legislators pass recreational marijuana, they will be the first lawmakers with the political courage to directly challenge federal prohibition, rather than use a ballot initiative to legalize weed.