[READ] VT Cannabis Collaborative Releases Full Report Online

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Vermontijuana is proud to travel to Montpelier today for another day of discussions with the State Senate Government Operations Committee.  We'll report back, but in the meantime, if you're not already, get familiar with the Vermont Cannabis Collaborative, as they've done a TON of work this past summer to create a framework for how a cannabis economy in Vermont might work.  READ THEIR REPORT ONLINE HERE...

The culmination of this work is the report, which was released to the public on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.  Vermontijuana will follow up with more details, especially as the VTCC proposition is discussed publicly with the Gov't Ops Committee this afternoon.

Disclosure - The editor of Vermontijuana, Eli Harrington, participated in several VT Cannabis Collaborative discussions, and events since July 2015.  They've provided no financial support to Vermontijuana, but have generally supported our efforts and shared access to the leaders--including their members--who have taken on the tall task of providing a framework for industry.  They'll receive the same coverage and scrutiny as anyone else, but we operate with full transparency around here and wanted to make sure readers/viewers know it.