[LISTEN] Vermont Home Grown featured on National Cannabis Radio Show

Fran Janik from Vermont Home Grow discusses Senate marijuana legalization bill...episode 702, published December 2015

Medical patient, advocate, and one of the leaders of the grassroots group, Vermont Home Grown, Fran Janik, appeared on the Russ Belville show, which is hosted on cannabisradio.com.  In addition to radio, the host, Russ Belville, is a cannabis reform activist, musician, writer, & public speaker. @RadicalRuss has written about drug policy reform and cannabis-specific advocacy for HighTimes.com (his last "Radical Rant" column) and a number of 420-friendly and mainstream websites.

VT Home Grown

In the show, Fran (also a photographer, check him out online here) gives a good overview of the bill proposed by Senator Jeannette White (D-Windham) noting the highlights and giving credit to Senators White, Benning, and the other legislators (respectively) who have been coordinating a transparent and engaging public process.

Cheers, thanks, and congratulations to Fran for representing Vermont on a national stage and thanks to Russ Belville (follow him on twitter @RadicalRuss)

Listen to the full Russ Belville show on CannabisRadio.com