Vermontijuana x BarstoolWeed: Clambake the Stool

Congratulations everyone!  Cannabis (I'm going to call it WEED for this story, but cannabis is the right term for a bunch of reasons) is ready to be featured full-time at Barstool.  Great news for Stoolies and Stoners because you deserve the best weed blogging and I'm ready to clam bake the pirate ship.

  WEED + LUBE = A GOOD FUCKING TIME... seriously, how do you lose testing either?

WEED + LUBE = A GOOD FUCKING TIME...seriously, how do you lose testing either?

Because, wherever you live, and whoever you are* there are people smoking, vaping, dabbing, eating, and (literally) fucking, that sweet goddess known as Mary Jane, aka marijuana, weed, pot, reefer (cannabis, grass, weed, jazz cigarettes, putting on my green jacket, ganja, weed, buzz lightyear, that chronic bionic ya see, weed, stony baloney, hashish, herb...whatever you call it, it's probably somewhere near you in the last month if you're reading the stool.

There are also people working publicly and privately to change hearts, minds, and laws, so weed can be researched, used for medical purposes, and used by regular people who don't want to feel like/be criminals. Much sincere respect and deference to all of them--easy for young folk to take for granted people have gone to jail for rumors of doing shit we (by "we", I mean "you", I'm not an idiot) post on Instagram. There are also people thinking about how to make money from it in the future, and people worried about missing the boat, and people worried about it fucking up young kids and old ladies.  


I'm all of these things to different degrees, but I won't take credit for what I'm not--I just started advocating publicly for legalizing weed in 2015 after moving back home to VT and seeing it have a real chance at passing. Before then, I was too concerned about my image ("founder of Vermontijuana" kind of stands out on the LinkedIn), but I ultimately decided that since I was committing to self-employment, I might as well keep it real and finally stand up for bae, Mary Jane.  And even better, to maybe even learn a few things from the real experienced advocates and try to contribute to the political effort to help millions of sick people find relief, let people relax or get off in a way safer than booze, which I also enjoy dearly) and even occasionally turn 'criminals' into millionaires.

Stoolie discount?  Sure, weekly inclusive packages, 30 min. from Negril in private for a group rate or to hire me to make a video of your tropical paradise resort

Mannnnnn, next game-changer was Jamaica in November where I had a life-changing experience at Willy Wonka's Weed Paradise aka the High Times Rastafari Rootzfest International Cannabis Cup in Negril.  I got truly lucky and #blessed to meet some amazing people, including the owners of this beautiful private resort in the video, which changed my opinion about Jamaica forever.  I also smoked some old school ganja and the best concentrates on the earth.  I also got to meet some cool fucking people who are geniuses that know more about the growing, science, advocacy, and money-making parts of ganja than I'll probably ever know.

  Just holding onto barstoolweed, barstool420, and for you guys.

Just holding onto barstoolweed, barstool420, and for you guys.

I'm a smart, weed-smoking, funny, creative, Stoolie who can blog hot fire and produce stool-quality media/events and wants to ruin my reputation to ride or die with the stool.  

In fact, I'd eventually really like to help the stool launch their eventual cannabis branch. I thought it was such a good idea that I took the initiative and locked up a few barstool weed domains (;;

  Skills include: google slides, screenshot dragging tool, multiple font searches

Skills include: google slides, screenshot dragging tool, multiple font searches

Other facts about me: I'm on the wrong side of 25, I've got a Vermont tattoo, I played (read: practiced) D3 college baseball outside of Boston, I snowboard (and the stool needs a winter sports blogger), I've traveled the world and lived in China, I love old school hip hop, know drug culture, and am (currently, #newyearnewme) just overweight and bald enough to be relatable without being a slob.  Beyond that I'll challenge any (sober) barstool employee to play (high) me in Jeopardy! straight up for cash for one guest blog.

Need a lite? You can borrow mine, just reach for it 🔥

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Everything weed-related is going off right now, so it's time for a media brand like Barstool to get in the game early and plant the flag.  It's only a matter of time until the East Coast blows up, and it's a way to get West Coast readers into the mix without forcing Barstool Denver.  There are lots of celebrities in the weed biz who'd want to reach the Barstool audience--damn I'm glad I bought those domains, this is gonna be huge!

In conclusion, barstool needs a snowboarding, liberal, weed-blogger to just be The Dude and jumpstart that huge transition and the national weed revolution, and I'm the man to embarrass my family to make it happen.  I'd rather not spend all my personal time creeping on IG, but tons of easy content with #stonergirls and weed-smoking pornstars (spoiler: all of them) get in the mix with the stool.

A departing PSA to the n00bs out there, in 2016 there are even apparentlyyyy weed suppositories, so even though weed is mostly harmless, do your homework before you start ass-dabbing...that being said, weed up the ass is still safer than vodka up the ass ;)  

VIVAL LA STOOL & Until the next time:

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* I'm assuming readers of the stool can legally read about my weed guys have babydick lawyers so I assume weed talk would be alright?