Vermontijuana x Localvore Today = Mass Elevation

LocalVore Today screen shot

It's on people...if you're reading this, you're not alone.  Vermontijuana is pumped to team up with Localvore Today to deliver the local word  on the funky herb via their Daily Beet blog, starting with a shortened version of "Gateway to Gardening", a Vermontijuana original.  If you hadn't heard about their recent funding success and the launch of their mobile app, check it out on Vermont Business Magazine here and check out the Localvore Today app for yourself here.

Here's the scoop: I didn't ask for any money for the articles, and I'm not getting paid to write for Localvore Today.  It's happening because they see the bigger picture, because I've been watching them innovate here in BTV since Dan started it back when I was working for the Vermont Council on World Affairs (support citizen diplomacy people), and because I want to get more people engaged to ELEVATE THE STATE.  Especially people who already care about supporting local.

Because it's important to keep the Vermontijuana platform elevated, you're not going to see a sponsored post on here without a HUGE note saying that it's sponsored, and exactly why the partnership is happening.  That's why you won't see any BS ads or random spam on this site, now or ever.  If you want to get with Vermontijuana as a company/platform, contact me directly (email) and we can talk.

So, cheers and thanks to Localvore Today for appreciating the moment in history, and the interest of their readership in local, informed news about VT cannabis.  

And an even bigger thank you to Pinealé Designs, which is run by fellow envisioneer and Winooski enthusiast (he's actually a resident, I live in BTV currently), DrewB.  We teamed up on this design, the first of many creative collaborations.  He's a father, a former youth counselor, an active community member, and an all-around super creative and talented dude.  I'm pumped to work with him, whether it's creating the first Vermontijuana Tee Shirt (on sale now), slanging his awesome Bernie tee-shirts, or dreaming up new schemes.  Thanks again Drew, much love.

So, as we take the next step with Vermontijuana, a huge thank you and shout out to Localvore Today, and to all the readers and supporters who understand and appreciate the mandate to elevate...

elevate the state tee