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Out of State Tourists Can Fund VT Cannabis Industry (Today)

[Eli Harrington - Thursday, February 18, 2016]

To harness the potential of cannabis in Vermont in a way that most fits our principles and truly represents the will of our people, we not only need more innovative input from creative citizen advocates, but the leadership and vision to consider bold ideas.  If that means kick-starting a theoretical cannabis consumer ID card to pay for implementation and reduce the financial burden on Vermonters, why not think outside the box?

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Latest VT Cannabis News - Feb. 1, 2016

The weekend update includes editorials from VT growers and industry experts, Vermontijuana featured on the front page of the Freeps over the weekend; a not-so-subtle response from the State Police who busted a VT grower in Windham County; news of 184% growth in legal marijuana markets; and the VT Medical Marijuana program getting a D+ rating from Americans for Safe Access.  As always, Inform, Engage, Connect...ELEVATE THE STATE

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Cannabis Industry Expert: Take the Best from the West and Leave the Rest

Joe Veldon is a Vermonter who currently works in the legal cannabis industry as a cannabis breeder and cultivation consultant with clients in multiple states with regulated medical and 'adult use' markets.  He has participated in several community forums across Vermont to freely share his perspective and industry experience in the hopes of bringing the best aspects of regulation to Vermont.

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[ASK AN EXPERT] A Vermont Cannabis Breeder Clears the Air

Editors note: This op-ed was also submitted to the Montpelier Times Argus by Joe Veldon of Righteous Roots Organics in response to one of their published op-eds.  Since this summer, I've seen Joe share his expert opinions publicly and freely with fellow Vermonters across the state and to the Senate.  He wrote this op-ed and shared because he was fed up with the irresponsible misinformation and fear-mongering op-eds printed in too many publications around our fair state.

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Vermontijuanalogues - Part One - Driving & Legalization

Listening to the excellent and thorough VPR coverage (H/T to Bob Kinzel and others for the specific cannabis reportage) of the first day of the Vermont Legislature (link), the major issues that need to be addressed before serious movement can start became even more clear.  So, the next few articles will address some of the major questions raised here (and pretty much everywhere else talking about legalization).  I’ll also share a few humble ideas that I hope might help catalyze discussions and actions.  These are just some ideas to share with fellow Vermonters and advocates--like everything else, it’s an amalgamation informed by experiences, but these are my own and not edited or reviewed by other advocacy groups, local or otherwise.  There will be multiple parts in the mini-series, part two: flatlander fees free flat roads will be released Saturday, January 9.

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[UPDATE] VT Cannabis News & Opinion - Jan. 3, 2016

Happy New Year!  Cheers and thanks to all the Vermontijuana readers and supporters out there, it's a labor of love (currently), but we've been ecstatic to hear from supporters and neighbors from all corners of the state and world.  The legislative session kicks off in 2 DAYS, so if you're wondering what you can do to ELEVATE THE STATE, contact your representatives and let them know you support cannabis reform in 2016! 

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VT "exceptionalism": slaves, guns, gay marriage, and GMO...but not ganja?

Historically speaking, our state was literally created by savvy politicians and land speculators (see: Allen, Ethan) playing the King's government against the Colonial government in order to carve out the fiefdom that became the Republic of Vermont.  The "forces" mentioned above were certainly a factor when the Vermont Constitution outlawed slavery in 1777 (although that wasn't perfect either).  Is it truly "jingoistic" to believe in Vermont self-governance and self-determination?

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[LISTEN] Vermont Home Grown featured on National Cannabis Radio Show

Medical patient, advocate, and one of the leaders of the grassroots group, Vermont Home Grown, Fran Janik, appeared on the Russ Belville show, which is hosted on  In addition to radio, the host, Russ Belville, has written about drug policy reform and cannabis-specific advocacy for and watch VT in the national cannabis news here!

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VT Senate Gov't Ops Committee Hosts "How?" Hearing [full video + commentary]

VT Media Coverage:  Vermont Public Radio  |  WCAX  |  WPTZ  |  WVNY  |  VTDigger  |  Seven Days  |  Burlington Free Press

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 was a great day for grassroots democracy in Vermont.  Regardless of what you think about legalizing cannabis, it's important not to take for granted the opportunity to speak directly to our elected officials, in a public forum, especially when you see how a state (ahem, OHIO, ahem) can get this process so wrong...READ MORE

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The VT Anti-Legalization Group Kicks Off Campaign, Their Top 3

Other VT Coverage: (via WCAX - Kyle Midura - October 26, 2015)  |  (via VPR - Peter Hirschfield - October 26, 2015)  |  (via Montpelier Times Argus - Gina Conn - October 27, 2015)

"Smart Approaches to Marijuana Vermont" (SAM-VT) is the state's local affiliate of the national organization with the same name.  Both at the national level, and here in Vermont, it's a...

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State Senator Benning: Why VT Republicans Should Favor Legalization | Nat'l Advocates Respond to Bristol Elementary | New Leader Wants Canada to Legalize | Women in Cannabiz Earn More [oct. 20, 2015]

[October 20, 2015] It's hard to top an interview with Melissa Etheridge, but lots of Vermontijuana happenings, including more frequent content updates...ELEVATE THE STATE


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