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Vermontijuanalogues - Part One - Driving & Legalization

Listening to the excellent and thorough VPR coverage (H/T to Bob Kinzel and others for the specific cannabis reportage) of the first day of the Vermont Legislature (link), the major issues that need to be addressed before serious movement can start became even more clear.  So, the next few articles will address some of the major questions raised here (and pretty much everywhere else talking about legalization).  I’ll also share a few humble ideas that I hope might help catalyze discussions and actions.  These are just some ideas to share with fellow Vermonters and advocates--like everything else, it’s an amalgamation informed by experiences, but these are my own and not edited or reviewed by other advocacy groups, local or otherwise.  There will be multiple parts in the mini-series, part two: flatlander fees free flat roads will be released Saturday, January 9.

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