My Soul, Her Soil

Thanks to a true OG I’ll call ‘Mack’, I’ve been fortunate to cultivate on this beautiful NEK property and work this soil for three plus seasons. I’ve got friends with tractors and much larger tillers since May 2020, but I’m proud of the blood, sweat, and tears transferred from my soul into this soil.

At Vermontijuana, we do everything we can, and do it by hand with intention, passion, and humility…if it was easy, everyone would do it.

Much respect to all the agricomrades in Vermont, in cannabis, in both, and beyond.

The Heart of the NEK

Vermontijuana Farmstead home base is located in Irasburg, Vermont, in the heart of the ‘Northeast Kingdom’ where we use our ‘Tier Two’ outdoor cannabis cultivation license to cultivate 312 plants in native, living soil. 

Our unique cannabis varieties were bred locally to survive and thrive in our unique microclime where the weather is increasingly unpredictable, but is always predictably challenging. 

We’re proud to work closely with Vermont manufacturers to produce a variety of pre-rolled cannabis products and are continuing to develop our line of Vermontijuana edible and concentrate products.

Other 2023 cannabis cultivars include our localized productions

Our Productions


Head Cultivator and Founder, Eli Harrington hosts tours seasonally at the Vermontijuana Farmstead location in Irasburg during a limited period from late-July through early September where we discuss our regenerative approach to sustainable cannabis cultivation and how Vermontijuana gets from the soil to shelf. 

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