Vermontijuana Refreshes Website With CannaPlanners Collab

Posted on August 3rd, 2023 to Farm News by

As a friend and fan of CannaPlanners and the founding team since before its creation, Vermontijuana is proud to announce the next step in our partnership with CannaPlanners: our updated website!

Vermontijuana and its founder have had many iterations in the Vermont Cannabis Community and this new website best reflects the current mission and activities of Vermontijuana as a licensed sungrown cannabis farmstead producing small-batch, sungrown, free-range cannabis products.

We’ve not only listed each of our varieties and the respective story behind the different varieties of cultivars (‘strains’) like the Broody Hen and Slow Hand, we’ve also uploaded testing information for each cultivar showing the THC and terpene percentages for full transparency.

When you’re ready to enjoy one of our Vermontijuana cannabis products yourself, you can now utilize the map feature and find one of our many excellent retail partners no matter where in the state you may be!

We’ll still continue to work with partners to produce and participate in unique cannabis events, including the “Green Finders Invitational” and “Vermontijuana Open” golf tournaments as well as various conventions.

Late summer is a time to highlight our farm tours and we hope the new layout makes it even easier to visit the farmstead, meet our Internet-famous chickens, and see where and how we produce Vermontijuana cannabis products!


As we head into the 2023 harvest season, we look forward to putting this fancy new website to work and keeping our friends and fans updated with all of our new cultivars and products, events, and farm tour fun!

Thanks and kudos again to our friends at CannaPlanners!

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