Andy “DJ A_DOG” Williams Immortalized

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Andy “DJ A_Dog” Williams is a Vermont legend — artist, skateboarder, snowboarder, inspirational figure and friend to all those lucky enough to share time with Andy, Josie, and/or the amazing creative scene and people who surrounded them and who they inspired.

Andy passed away in 2014, but since then has had a Burlington holiday and skate park named in his legacy. Now, Andy has entered and even more elite pantheon: he’s got a cannabis strain named after him.

This story comes to us from Josh Gingras, an amazing guy and friend himself who left the Vermont cannabis industry and now works in the industry in Seattle, from where he sent this picture and update.

We’ll do more local investigation and learn more about how this collaboration happened for an upcoming podcast, but in the meantime, here’s what it says on Leafly about the strain itself:

DJ Andy Williams (also known as DJ Andy) is a heartfelt dedication in the guise of a powerful sativa-dominant strain.  This strain was named in memoriam of DJ Andy Williams, also known as DJ A-DOG, who passed away of Leukemia at the age of 38.  A cross between Blue Dream + Super Lemon Haze, DJ Andy delivers bright flavors of citrus, vanilla, and herbs.

DJ Andy starts with a creative mental state and an invigorating body buzz.  The physical effects persist and mellow with time while remaining uplifting, keeping the consumer off the couch.  This is a solid strain to help manage stress and depression without debilitating sedation.

We’ll work on getting more details about who set this up, but for now, always encourage you to support the Friends for A_Dog Foundation website to learn about, and listen to, the life, loves, and legacy of Andy “DJ A_Dog” Williams.

To really honor Andy, please consider signing up for the Be The Match foundation — it’s free, fast, and if you’re a marrow donor match, you could be saving someone’s life.

Thanks Josh, and Rest in Power, A_Dog


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