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NFT, Crypto, and other Decentralized Technologies utilized by Vermontijuana


As a forward-looking company, Vermontijuana is exploring the world of decentralized technology and it’s potential applications for the cannabis community in Vermont and beyond.

We’re proud to have found two highly-interested Vermontrepreneurs to collaborate with us and are slowly wading into the world of creating and trading NFTs, as well as exploring how decentralized finance and crypto currencies can empower cannabis producers.

Our first NFT projects are all listed on under the “First Crop” Collection, including the ‘Maplejuana’ print, which was designed by @cannameliavt, who, like all of our artist collaborators, will receive royalties on any and all sales.

Our second NFT is the “Vermontijuana Pass”, which we’ve launched for the New England Crypto Conference. Look for us in Boston March 18-20 and talk crypto with us!

As we respectfully and earnestly join the NFT community, our consistent strategy is to offer ‘utility’ NFTs with tangible benefits, both in exclusive collectible (physical) merchandise and with discounts to Vermontijuana cannabis events.

We have also started the Vermontijuana Yacht Club as an exclusive group for owners of Vermontijuana NFTs. Members of the Vermontijuana Yacht Club will receive exclusive access to events, VIP opportunities within events, unique digital and physical merchandise, and the Vermontijuana Regatta, taking place in July 2022 in northern Vermont.

Follow the Vermontijuana Yacht Club on twitter @VermontijuanaYC, join our Vermontijuana Discord Channel and explore our NFT collection on OpenSea here!


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