In Their Own Words : Legislators Summarize S.54

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In Vermont, S.54 is the most advanced ‘tax-and-regulate’ cannabis bill that would start the process of allowing legal sales of THC cannabis to all 21+ adults, including creating a commission, advisory board, and six types of licenses that would eventually be issued.

On Thursday, January 23, 2020, the Vermont House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture & Forestry heard testimony from Representative John Gannon (D-Wilmington), a member of the House Committee on Government Operations, who walked the House Agriculture committee through the 90-page bill as of January 28, 2020.

This audio-only file is presented in its entirety without commentary — this bill is likely to be further amended in February/March 2020. If and when that happens, this description will be updated. For more information, visit and @Vermontijuana

3:28 – Structure of Control Board and Advisory Board

4:44 – Types of licenses which will be created

6:58 – System of priorities for licensing

7:37 – Consumer protection, including testing, labeling, and packaging

9:26 – Prohibited products

10:55 – Advertising restrictions

12:45 – Recommended zoning of outdoor/indoor cannabis cultivation

14:20 – Highway safety and saliva testing

15:53 – Local Control and zoning control

17:23 – Tax rates, licensing, and how cannabis tax revenues would be spent

19:55 – House Agriculture Committee member questions

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