Vermont Artist Jesse Miles Snyder Paints Pictures with Words, and Paint…Mostly Paint

Posted on March 18th, 2020 to Cannabis News by

Vermont artist Jesse Miles Snyder is a talented and hilarious painter and podcaster who sat down with host Eli Harrington for an interview to talk about side hustles to try and make it in Vermont as an artist and Millennial, and how he became a literal “culinary smut peddler” on Instagram (@culinarysmutpeddler).

In our segments, we also talk about how the Coronavirus, AKA #Covid19 (NOT called the ‘Chinese Virus’) has made us think differently about cannabis events and some common sense realizations about how we socialize in a pandemic world.

Looking at Vermont politics, we reveal and analyze the six legislators who will meet as a Committee of Conference to discuss the final details of S.54, Vermont’s tax-and-regulate cannabis bill.

Full Episode available March 21, 2020 on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Podcast. This episode is presented by the Bern Gallery, which is still taking orders online at and @berngallery on Instagram. For information about advertising or guests, email or DM @Vermontijuana on your favorite social media account.

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