Petition: Shall Winooski Voters Approve Cannabis Retail Sales on Town Meeting Day?

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At least two independent cannabis entrepreneurs are exploring legal retail cannabis opportunities in Winooski to start as early as October 2022. As part of this process, any would-be cannabis retailer must first seek the “opt-in” approval of the residents of Winooski. The first step in this process is to put the question on the Town Meeting Day ballot, which is the goal of the petition below.

Please note that this petition is only for Winooski residents.

If you are a Winooski resident and would like to help, please consider posting this petition on your Front Porch Forum!


Posting Subject: Put Legal Cannabis Sales on the Town Meeting Day Ballot

Posting Body:

Greetings neighbors, I am sharing a petition to put question of whether to allow legal retail cannabis sales directly to voters on the upcoming Town Meeting Day ballot.

By signing this petition, you are indicating you believe that Winooski voters should vote directly to allow or deny future legal cannabis retail sales at the upcoming Town Meeting Day ballot.

Signing this petition does NOT mean that you support or oppose cannabis retail sales or use in Winooski! Signing this petition ONLY confirms your support that the question will be on the Town Meeting Day ballot on March 2, 2021 for the voters of Winooski to support or deny.

If allowed to be voted on, the resolution that we propose to put on the 2021 Town Meeting Day ballot would read:

“Shall the City of Winooski permit the operation of cannabis retailers which are licensed by the State of Vermont pursuant to Act 164 of 2020, subject to such municipal ordinance and regulation as the City Council may lawfully adopt and implement?

Please feel free to contact the organizer of this campaign, Eli Harrington, directly at or @Vermontijuana on social media.

About the Organizers:

Dillon Lovell: Dillon is a retail property owner in downtown Winooski. He hopes to host a recreational dispensary at his location at 165 E. Allen Street, which will provide more jobs, increased tourism for our neighboring businesses, and more tax revenue to the city of Winooski.

Whether this is something you are for, or against, please sign this petition so your voice can be heard on March 2nd. Thank you.

“Weed, Website, and a Winooski Kid’s Career Change” Burlington Free Press, 2016

Eli Harrington: I’m a legal cannabis advocate, grower, and entrepreneur and I’m hoping to open a retail store in 2021 as allowed by Act 164. I grew up in Winooski, graduated from Winooski High School, have spent the last six years working in the legal cannabis community, and lived and started a business on lower Main Street as recently as 2019.

I currently live and farm in the Northeast Kingdom and am exploring potential locations for a retail cannabis store to open in 2022 to support the Vermontijuana growers collective and wholesale business.

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