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Vermontijuana is a media, events & advocacy organization.

Founded by Eli Harrington under the management of Vermont-based Greenbridge Consulting LLC.  Familiar to many as a cofounder and spokesperson of Heady Vermont until his resignation in May 2019, Harrington has returned to the cannabis media scenes to apply the last four years of experience to #ElevateTheState of the cannabis community in Vermont.

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Spring Swap Sunset. A few more details and a beautiful #nek sunset 🌅 huge thanks again to all of our sponsors and supporters and most of all to all of YOU in the #vermont #cannabis community 🔥🙏 ...

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Much love to the #nek community and esp @parkerpieco who hold us down in every way possible, only 10 mins from the spring swap, we encourage you to hit them up tomorrow and every time you’re in the West Glover hood! We’ve got a pair of tickets for the Spring Swap up for grabs between now and 7:10pm. To win:

1 - tag a friend with the 🍕 below
2 - name your favorite @parkerpieco specialty pie
3 - pick a # 1-50
Must follow @vermontijuana to win!

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Spring Swap Ticket Giveaway. With the event coming up SATURDAY, we’re giving away four pairs tickets this week, starting with a pair today⚡️

To win:

1 - Follow (all): @mountain_fire_farm @magicmannvt @quantum_genetics @vermontgreenery
2 - comment below a number 0-100
3 - number will be randomly selected to win a pair of tickets!

We’ll do this again on this IG page later this week, as well as on the /r/vermontijuana subreddit on @reddit

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Chick Delivery Day. We value balance and sustainability and raising animals provides both - these day-old black copper maran chicks just arrived so @elifromthe802 shared a few brooding tips for fellow novice poultry enthusiasts.
Don’t forget to get offline and balance your righteous moral outrage with healthy activities so that you can stay in the fight long enough to enjoy the fruits/buds of your advocacy labor! Cheers, Solidarity, and Happy Friday ✊🚀💯🔥🌳

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