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Vermontijuana is a media, events & advocacy organization.

Founded by Eli Harrington under the management of Vermont-based Greenbridge Consulting LLC.  Familiar to many as a cofounder and spokesperson of Heady Vermont until his resignation in May 2019, Harrington has returned to the cannabis media scenes to apply the last four years of experience to #ElevateTheState of the cannabis community in Vermont.

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#new latest on #Vermont tax and regulate bill: @philscottvt was not asked about it at press conference today and the bill has not yet officially been sent to his desk. Quick #vtpoli civics reminder: When the governor officially receives the bill officially, he can sign ✅ it, veto ❌it, OR if five (5) days pass and he neither signs nor vetos, the bill automatically ✅becomes law. #vermontijuana @elifromthe802 expect the Senate will send the bill Monday and Gov will discuss it next on Tuesday press conference where he’s expected to confirm a non-veto and default ✅ of S.54 #staytuned ...

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Full spectrum #vermont foliage

Flytape bred by @sherpa_seeds selected by a good friend in the hills, and grown with organic sunlight and a little help and lotta 💚from @elifromthe802 this beauty survived four straight nights of <30 temps

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👀 who’s keeping YOUR harvest crew on point this season? 🌳🪓🐔 #squadgoals #chicken #hempinainteasy #vermont ...

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