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Vermontijuana is a media, events & advocacy organization.

Founded by Eli Harrington under the management of Vermont-based Greenbridge Consulting LLC.  Familiar to many as a cofounder and spokesperson of Heady Vermont until his resignation in May 2019, Harrington has returned to the cannabis media scenes to apply the last four years of experience to #ElevateTheState of the cannabis community in Vermont.

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Making potting soil for seeds. The easy way is to buy @vermontcompost fort light and we highly recommend it! But if you want to play around with making your own soil, keep in mind the consistency (not too dense) and add microbes and nutrients! ...

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🥴 iS It TimE tO pLaNT yEt?. As the spring weather heats up 🤣 outdoor cultivators are curious when they need to start securing seeds and starts...we’ve got a quick answer and an update for Spring Swap ticket holders who will have an opportunity to connect with the event exhibitors and sponsors digitally for pre-orders...all that and more from @elifromthe802 including #420 plans to be at @magicmannvt . 🙏 to spring swap sponsors @quantum_genetics @vermontgreenery @mountain_fire_farm @magicmannvt and ✊ to our exhibitors @apollofarmsvt @nursegrown_organics @colonel.forbins.cannabis @emeraldrosegrows @cannatrim @frassvalley @vermontgrowers and to the supporters @vermontcompost @fulltankvt @greatdanegardens ...

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“Your Problem Now!” Gov Names #cannabis control board. @philscottvt announced the three members of the #vermont #cannabis control board on Monday and we’ve got frosty takes and tasty knowledge nugs from @elifromthe802 ...

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📍Southern Vermont 🗣We love you and want to get to know you better! In particular, looking for venues for legal private #cannabis events, especially the monthly Bud + Brunch parties. Venues must be outside and preferably farms (hemp or not). Tag a venue in southern #VT introduce yourself in the DMs with your town, or email Eli vermontijuana @ gmail dot com ...

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