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Our Mission

Vermontijuana is a media, events & advocacy organization.

Founded by Eli Harrington under the management of Vermont-based Greenbridge Consulting LLC.  Familiar to many as a cofounder and spokesperson of Heady Vermont until his resignation in May 2019, Harrington has returned to the cannabis media scenes to apply the last four years of experience to #ElevateTheState of the cannabis community in Vermont.

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This year the choice is clear, vote @vermontijuana #ELEVATETHESTATE ™️ also ✊ @zuckermanforvt his opponent @joebenningforvermont has also been an excellent advocate for #cannabis reform but @zuckermanforvt has been holding it down for the #cannabiscommunity since way before it was fashionable, easy, or profitable. Thank You 🙏 Dave, always proud to support you #vermont #vtpoli #election #vtpoli #vote ...

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If you’re licensed sungrown cultivator in #vermont it’s time to talk…we’ve got the most unique and equitable offer out there for small sungrown producers. Nice up front floor price, we pay for all testing and packaging, 100% transparency in pricing, and we’re sharing ALL profits with our cultivator members. Hit me up at or in the DMs and I’ll share the breakdown with any licensed sungrown cultivators. ELEVATE THE STATE #™️ ...

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Repost from our friends at @greenmountainpatients ☁️


Our inaugural in-person event, Growth, will be taking place October 23rd at 10:00am.

Growth is a chance to bring together the medical patient and grower communities, providing mentorship for patients looking to grow and the opportunity for growers to learn about ways to better help patients, through donations, time, and experience.

There will be no vendors and no sales, just good food and good people.

Tickets go on sale Friday. This event will have limited spots available, free for patients and by donation for growers.

We hope to see you there!

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