If Heady Vermont is “On Hiatus”, What’s Next for Cannabis Events & Media in Vermont?

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Hello to all,

I’m writing a group of colleagues and friends with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work over the past five (!!) years in these legal cannabis endeavors because with the recent Seven Days story about Heady Vermont’s ‘hiatus’, it feels like an era has formally ended and friends and associates are wondering, what’s next?

I haven’t been involved with Heady since the last big convention in June 2019, and I don’t know enough to comment about the future of the website, brand, business, or their events. I’ll just say that I’m very proud of the work that we all did as a community, and times that we shared together and appreciate all of the support, camaraderie, and great friends made along the way.

That said, we still need dedicated cannabis media, events, and a place to find our business partners and for our respective future customers to find us, and I’m continuing that work with Vermontijuana, which is a digital media, events, and travel company that I’m again formally inviting you to join me at Vermontijuana


What’s Next?
I’m coordinating a bunch of events this spring and summer, starting with this Plant and Seed Swap in late May, a monthly Bud + Brunch event that moves around the state starting in June, scattered small recreational outings, the 3rd annual Green Finders’ Golf Tournament in September, and a new Vermontijuana Growers Cup at the end of 2021. I don’t know about New England cannabis events in other states, but I’ll be bringing back the Vermont Cannabis Convention in 2022 as a large-scale, locally-owned event..
If you’re into being a part of cannabis tours or reaching tourists, I’ll be expanding the hemp farm tours — the bus is ready to go — and will be rolling out information about cannabis publications. The seed and plant swap will be limited to 100 tickets and a dozen vendor spots and they’re already filling up, so drop me a line ASAP if you’d like a spot, all legal sales and no illegal sales are allowed.


What About Politics?

Tax and regulate politics are self-interested, and I won’t promise to lobby for your specific business, but I can and will give you the most accurate and important information about what’s happening in Vermont cannabis politics and how to get involved. I’m friendly with everyone, but politically independent and unaffiliated; my only promise for this platform is to use it to give accurate and actionable information and be an accountable open book about my own interests and plans for the present and future of Vermontijuana. I’ll share what’s going on and when to show up and we can all show up together, but this platform of Vermontijuana is more based on information, events, travel, and promoting our state’s cannabis community/ies.


Anything Else?


With the help of Will and our longtime friends at CannaPlanners, I’ll be beefing up the Vermontijuana website in the coming weeks, and I’ll invite you to send me event notices, information for news articles, and promotions to vermontijuana@gmail.com and to follow @Vermontijuana on InstagramYoutube, and Facebook as I work to get the newsletter back up to speed and expand the digital reach, which is already 20k+ across social and email platforms.


In terms of other events, monthly Bud & Brunch gatherings will take place the last Sunday of each month and start in June, and in the next two weeks, I’ll be announcing a Vermontijuana Growers’ Cup with entries due in December. If COVID-mitigation is going well, then I’ll move forward with another large Vermont Cannabis Convention in Spring 2022 and get back into those larger scale events…knock on wood…Drop me a line separately about any other event ideas or proposals as I’m always happy to collaborate and co-sponsor.


The Vermont cannabis landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years, but I’m still as passionate and energetic as when I started five years ago, and am excited for the next phase of evolution of the ever-growing cannabis community in Vermont. I thank you again for your friendship, collaboration, and our time shared and hope you’ll join me moving forward into this new exciting chapter of cannabis in Vermont!


Gratitude and Respect,


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